Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Binge #2

so I ate many things I cant even mention here. The last 2 days I've been eating. I think it is because I bought 100 calorie packs os twix chocolates. I decided to have one for my snack instead of what I usually have and It didn't take my hunger away. And I ended up eating all the 7 chocolates and after tat I had chips and lots of rice with meat. I have gained 1.6 pounds. I am dusting off the twix crumbles and moving on. Today I had the right breakfast and am plannin the right lunch with lots of veggies. I pray to God there will no more funny business. I wonder why I have been so unmotivated the last 2 days. Wait, call from my ex. Have been very bored at home too. Wish I could be back in Miami. I pray that someone will call me today about that job I went to try out last week. all in all gloomy feelings out here in the sunny state. 


Chrissie said...

Sorry to hear about the binge. We all go through times like that. Good job on starting over today and hang in there. You can do this.

Heather said...

just put it in the past. and stay away from those 100 calorie packs! they are way more dangerous than people think! instead have something that you really enjoy and can savor and will leave you satisfied rather than just wanting more and more! each time you can get through something like this will only help you become successful.